At Hunterdon Central ... we believe that every student’s unique abilities, interests and skills, once empowered and engaged, will bring them to an attainment of our District vision:

To create teaching and learning environments that engage all students, foster achievement and cultivate the skills needed to compete, connect and collaborate as ethical and responsible participants in a global society.

At Hunterdon Central ... we are committed to achieving these goals:

  • Every student and staff member will master the knowledge, skills and habits of mind needed to effectively compete, connect, communicate and collaborate in a global society.

  • Every student and staff member will experience measurable academic, social and emotional growth.

  • Every student and staff member will experience success and enjoy being a part of our school-community.

  • All staff members demonstrate commitment to the success of every student and to continual professional growth.
At Hunterdon Central ... we foster a culture which embodies the belief that by partnering all constituents and leveraging all resources, we will expand learning beyond our individual classrooms and academic departments. We are focused on continually improving our practices, while fostering global connections, utilizing available technology and aligning critical skill development for all students.  

At Hunterdon Central ... we measure our success by our students' work and growth.  It is our mission to help produce responsible, caring, ethical citizens who value self development, think critically about issues, communicate and collaborate effectively, apply academic knowledge to authentic situations and display mastery of curriculum, as defined by both national and state standards. We do so in a safe learning environment that supports and engages all students, fosters achievement, and cultivates the skills needed to compete, connect and collaborate in a global society.



District Aims:

  • Highest Student Achievement

  • Highest Performing Workforce

  • Safe School Environment

  • Integrated Operations and Leadership