Today's Daily Announcements

  • Attention all students!

    There will be a Student Council meeting , Wednesday, March 11, during Block 5 in the 600's eating area. We are planning this year's Mr. Central pageant and will need your help.

    Contact Mrs. Paradiso or Mrs. Amato with any questions.

  • Chinese Honor Society and Chinglish Club will have a joint meeting on Wednesday, March 11, in Room 152 during block 5. The upcoming food sale and T-shirt sale will be discussed and updated. All members are expected to attend.

  • There will be a 2015 HC Volleyball Boys Preseason Informational Meeting on Monday, February 2nd, in Room #807 at 4PM. If you can not attend, please email Coach Fenton or Coach Mastropietro: or

  • A placement test for students interested in testing into Honors Gifted and Talented Art Class for next year will take place on February 4.

    Students should sign-up for testing with any Art Teacher in Rooms 102, 109, 110, 155, 703, 710 or 800, no later than February 2.

  • Calling all writers, photographers, cartoonists ... The Lamp needs you!

    There will be a meeting of The Lamp on Wednesday, January 21 in Room 642, beginning at 2:40 PM.

  • Attention students. Are you looking for a quiet place during unit lunch? Room 132 will be staffed by counselors and is open to all students who would like to have a quiet study area to eat or do homework. If you would like more information please see your counselor or stop by room 132!