BYOD Info: Community

Letter to our community's Parents/guardians

Hunterdon Central played a pivotal role in the NJ Department of Education’s “High School Redesign Initiative.”   As part of that initiative, our focus was to create and implement a pilot program for Student 1:1 Computing, redesign our curriculum to reflect a more student-centered approach and complement this with increased technology access for all students.  The result was an increased use of progressive instructional methods, which have garnered overwhelmingly positive evaluations from our teachers, students and parents/guardians.

During the initial stages of this program, District-provided netbooks, classroom desktop computers and students’ personally-owned devices were all utilized to enhance our students’ learning. As the pilot program progressed, it quickly became evident that students greatly benefited by having access to a personal learning device during their learning day.

Because of this benefit, and after careful consideration of the rapidly changing availability of personally-owned devices, the District made the decision to offer all students the optionof using personally-owned devices within our learning environment. We called this program "BYOD" - Bring Your Own Device.

Students at Hunterdon Central can have their mobile devices, (netbooks, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, etc.), connected to the District wireless network. Additional information on how this can be accomplished has been posted to a webpage created specifically for District parents.  To access this webpage, please click here.  You will be directed to a login page, please click on the word "Signup."  Fill out the form and submit.  An email password will be mailed to you.  Once you login, you will have access to information created especially for District parents.

We have provided specific details on the use of personally-owned devices, information regarding computer purchase options and planned provisions for students who can not afford personally-owned devices.  Hunterdon Central will continue to make classroom computer devices available.

Our objective in making this decision is to promote greater independence, increased academic engagement and a higher level of skill development for all students.  Our goal is to prepare your child to compete, connect and collaborate as an ethical citizen in a global society.

If you have any questions about the program and/or use of student-owned devices, please feel free to contact me or our Manager of Instructional Technology, Michael Marron, at 908-284-7137.   If you are a parent/guardian with children in our sending district schools, we would be happy to speak with you about our technology initiatives at Hunterdon Central.