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Summer Experience: ePortfolio

PLEASE NOTE:  You have reached an archived webpage on the Hunterdon Central website.

The Summer Experience/ePortfolio Project is being revised for Fall 2017. There is no Summer Experience Project for Summer 2017; there are no other summer assignments for Summer 2017.

The information below is in the process of being revised.  This webpage will be posted live to the website upon completion of the revisions.

Calling all students!

This summer, Hunterdon Central invites students to explore their passions and create projects that reflect who they are - projects that can be shared with the school community as part of a Summer Experience that is open to every student at the high school.

Students are invited to work on a project of their own choosing this summer, creating an artifact and a reflection about a topic of their choice. This is an excellent opportunity for students to create works that:

  • Challenge them to convey their passion in whatever format they choose.
  • Represent something they have taken away from pursuing their interest this summer.
  • Spark conversation and inquiry among students and teachers about their interests.
  • Demonstrate personality and help students and teachers get to know one another.

This Summer Experience is open to all students at Hunterdon Central. It is not a requirement, and it will not be graded.

Students who participate will be eligible to receive:

  • Department Awards
  • Positive points towards parking privileges
  • Participation in Academic Field Day
  • Food Passes

Students should think of this Summer Experience not as a project, but as an exhibition of their interests. Students can choose to approach their presentations through any lens they wish -   personal goals, career paths, the legacies they hope to leave behind, etc. The purpose of this project is to not only explore personal interests, but to show other students, parents and teachers what interests individual students when they're not in class.  They can do so by creating an artifact in any format - whether that be a story, a video, a composition, a movie, a poem, a piece of artwork, a social media page, a collage, a Prezi, etc.

We have not specified a format for the end product because we want students to develop an artifact using their own academic, artistic, collaborative, inventive, musical or technical talents and passions. We recognize that the open-ended nature of these assignments may be new to students who are used to being told exactly what to do. We encourage them to utilize peers, parents, mentors, and their own initiative and imagination to persevere and problem solve.

We believe that every student has something special to share. Our goal in creating this Summer Experience is to encourage thoughtful inquiry, in-depth thinking, creative problem-solving and an excitement for learning and sharing in all of our students.  

Our hope is that all students will create an artifact of learning that they are proud of, and that can be part of an ongoing portfolio to showcase their work to prospective colleges or employers after high school.


 Hunterdon Central is implementing an electronic portfolio initiative where students can create electronic portfolios to showcase their best work for colleges or prospective employers. Whether or not students are enrolled in a class involved in the initiative, they will all receive instructions on how to create an  electronic portfolio. 

We strongly encourage all students to create an ePortfolio of their work.  It demonstrates technology and communication skills, as well as showcasing best work to a variety of audiences.  A student's ePortfolio becomes an important display of projects, creativity and initiative that can be invaluable in the college process.

Please note:  Incoming freshmen will create an ePortfolio at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, in their English classes.

Students can access ePortfolio information posted in the Student Toolkit here.  Please note that a student login is required to view this information.  EPortfolio information will be posted to the public website shortly.

 Student Presentation:

This year's Summer Experience was spearheaded by Hunterdon Central's students.  To hear what they have to say about the project, please click on the photo to view a video presentation.


If you prefer to view the presentation as a pdf, please click here.

2015 Summer Experience Sample projects:

Last summer, students in AP and Honors classes participated in a similar Summer Experience.  Certain students were chosen by their teachers and their peers to be recognized for their outstanding work. We invite you to click on the student's name and view Summer Experience Projects that were done last summer:

Chris Babbert - Grade 11
Eli Hernandez - Grade 12
Michael Nazarro - Grade 9
Jenna Sims - Grade 10
Rishubh Thaper - Grade 10
Rebecca Wagner - Grade 9

2014 summer experience showcase:

We invite you to see some of the outstanding projects created by our students during the Summer of 2014, as part of the first AP & Honors Summer Experience.

Click on the photo to view a video featuring outstanding projects from the Summer of 2014.


Need some ideas on how to get started?  

This list might help!



How to capture digitally

Job shadow

Pictures, reflection

Blog, google doc, prezi, video

Art project

Painting, drawing, sculpture, journal, etc.

Prezi, blog, slide show, etc.

Field trip (museum of any type…)

Pictures, sketches, reflection, brochures, etc.

Blog, prezi, video, slide show, etc.

Community Service

Pictures, reflection, journal

Video, blog, slide show, Prezi


Photo/Essay, Collection of photos/Instagram

Infographic, Digital Booklet, Emaze


Pictures, journal, videos, blog, brochures, souvenirs

Videos, Prezi, slideshow, documentary

Self directed learning experience (teaching yourself, trying something new)

Pictures, blog, journal, videos, etc.

Blog, prezi, slide show, journal, video, etc.

Video Gaming (competition, participating in social groups)

Design a game, concept art, music (visual, mechanical, storytelling aspects). Track scores and social dynamics. Write reviews of games.


Building/making something from scratch (build a bookshelf, crochet a blanket)

The product itself, journal, video of the process, pictures or portfolio of the process

ePortfolio, slide show, documentary

Creation of a digital portfolio (resume’....personal and academic accomplishments)

Anything!....grades, pictures, projects from classes, accomplishments, etc.

Digital portfolio

Clubs (Odyssey of the Mind)

Projects, Pictures, competition souvenirs, published scores, recordings

Digital portfolio, recordings, slideshows, Prezi

Summer Jobs

Child care
Farm work
retail/customer service

Pictures, journal, training video, skills learned

Video, journal

Writing or graphic design

Write/publish a book, design a website,


Taking care of younger siblings/providing childcare



Freshman Seminar Course

Any work completed in the course, including career exploration and development work (resumes, worksheets, journal reflections, time management and organization plans, learning style inventory results from Naviance, etc.)

Upload documents to e-portfolio, journal reflections, “My Planner” feature in Naviance.

Can we pair kids with different interests on the same projects? (for example pairing a student working on a community project with a student interested in journalism who can document the process of the community project providing content for both students’ portfolios.)

Whatever you decide to do or create together

Work as a team and create something to share or showcase