In addition to providing transportation to and from school each day, Hunterdon Central also provides limited transportation for those students who remain after school for tutorial instruction and/or school-sponsored extra and/or co-curricular programs.

The criteria for establishing activity bus routes shall be adequacy, safety, and economy as defined in Board Policy and regulations.

The point of departure for activity buses is the Commons parking lot. All six buses will depart together to assure that all students are aboard. Activity bus transportation will be provided on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  During the month of October 2015, activity bus transportation will be provided on Tuesdays.  Stops are made at any safe place along the route. Students must let the driver know where they need to disembark.

Process for Activity Bus/Late Bus:

To ride on the activity bus, a student must follow the procedure outlined below:

1.  Sign up prior to 2:50 PM, by visiting:  Type this into the url of any internet- capable device. 

2. Be in possession of Hunterdon Central ID card.

3. Secure a pass designated for the activity bus from the teacher/advisor with whom you stayed.

4. Present student ID and surrender bus pass to the bus driver.

5. Students should inform the driver where they are getting off the bus before the bus leaves.

All activity buses/late buses leave from the Commons area at 3:55 PM.

Activity Bus/Late Bus Routes:

Rte 523/Sergeantsville Rd by Dayton Rd, Rte 579 South, Hampton Corner Rd, Rte 202 South, Old York Rd (Rte 179), John Ringo Rd,Old York Rd (Rte 179), Melbourn La, Rte 31, John Ringo Rd, Rosemont Ringoes Rd, Lambertville Headquarters Rd, Bowne Station Rd, Sandy Ridge-Mt. Airy Rd, Sandy Ridge Rd, Rte 523 North.

The use of the activity bus/late bus is a privilege granted by the Board of Education and may be denied by the school administration for improper behavior. Failure to follow these procedures may result in disciplinary action.


Glenn Barry
Director of Transportation