Information Systems

The Information Systems Department provides the solutions and support that enable staff and students to achieve their potential through the effective use of technology. In this, we strive to realize our District vision of "Perfomance Excellence for Everyone."  Our staff is committed to a high quality and standard of customer service; we mentor and coach all of our customers to learn, understand and utilize the many technology capabilities that are available in our District.

Our services include technical infrastructure and services support, including all wired and wireless network and devices.  We provide database services support for critical systems, including student management, learning management, and staff, library, phone and professional development systems.

Our dedicated staff partners with teachers and students in providing services and support. This unique partnership has allowed us to infuse empowered customer voices and suggestions into our policies and work flows.

Our technical programs are anchored by more than six years of technical training and evolution for all teachers, using tablet PCs in a standardized classroom audio/visual environment.  This training is supported by a professional development model which covers both the emerging technical and pedagogical tools that are revolutionizing the field of education.

Over the past two years, we have supported the District’s movement toward a one-to-one student computing and learning model. One-third of our teaching staff have piloted one-to-one classes utilizing District-purchased netbooks; one-quarter of our total student body now has an one-to-one class each quarter.

The success of this program has resulted in a standard learning environment with as many students with learning devices in their hands as possible. In order to accomplish this and to best manage the rapid pace of technical change and emerging hand held learning devices, this year we have begun to support student owned computer use on our wireless network. We anticipate further expansion of student owned computers as we proceed.

Our projects and initiatives are guided by our District Technology Plan and we challenge ourselves to never become complacent in any successes, but rather always strive to improve and expand our support, consultation and array of services provided.

Our department team is organized by three primary service areas: Technical Services, Database Services and Curricular Technology Services. Click on Services and Support for detail information about each of these service areas.


Michael Marron
Manager of Instructional Technology

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