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Important Information re: 2016-2017 School Calendar

As of January 30, the Hunterdon Central 2016-2017 calendar has zero built-in emergency closing days remaining. As a result, the following scenarios are being presented:

  • In the event of an emergency school closing between now and February 17, we will reschedule the planned full-day teacher in-service on February 17 to a half-day in-service. School will be in session on an early dismissal schedule. Students will be dismissed at noon.
  • In the event of an emergency school closing between February 17 and the start of Spring Recess, school will be in session beginning Monday, April 10 and remain open on subsequent days throughout that week, depending on the number of emergency school closing days that occurred.

Per normal school protocol, school calendar changes are approved at the next scheduled Board of Education meeting, communicated to parents guardians via Listserve and posted on the District website.