• 04.13.15

    2015-2016 HCRHS Proposed Budget

    On Monday, March 16, 2015, the Board of Education approved for introduction Hunterdon Central's budget for 2015-2016. Please continue reading to learn about the proposed budget.

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  • 03.27.15

    Summer Institute

    This summer, Hunterdon Central will offer Summer Institute courses in a variety of subject areas, for both credit and enrichment.

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  • 03.03.15

    HC STEM Consortium

    Hunterdon Central invites our community’s mathematics, science, engineering and technology professionals to bring their knowledge and experience of the STEM fields into our high school classrooms.

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  • 02.15.15

    Superintendent's Newsletter

    We have posted our second edition of the Superintendent's Newsletter - our multi-media, online quarterly newsletter that provides you with updates on the "state of the school" at Hunterdon Central. You can find the Newsletter on "Quick Links."

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  • 02.10.15

    Adjustments to 2014-2015 Calendar

    At the February 23, 2015 Board meeting, Hunterdon Central's Board of Education approved changes to the 2014-2015 school calendar, to adjust for recent emergency closings.

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  • 02.07.15

    Reaching Teens in 2015: Balance, Resilience and Communications

    Hunterdon Central's Student Assistance Program, along with Hunterdon Medical Center's School Based Youth Services, is committed to working closely with parents and students to assist with common issues facing teenagers. Please join us on Wednesday, February 18 at 7:00 PM, in Hunterdon Central's Little Theater, for three presentations ...

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  • 02.06.15

    Mid-Year Grade Reports

    Mid-year grade reports will be available on Aspen, on February 9, 2015.

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  • 01.29.15

    Online Scheduling

    Hunterdon Centrals online course selection process for the 2015-2016 school year will begin on Friday, January 30.

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  • 01.28.15

    Adjustments to HC Calendar

    Because of the two school closings, we will make the following adjustments to Hunterdon Central's calendar this week ...

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  • 01.26.15

    Principal's Forum Meeting

    The Principal's Forum meeting, originally scheduled for January 28, was rescheduled for Wedesday, February 4.

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