Aspen Information

Hunterdon Central students and parents/guardians are able to view student information online through the Aspen Student Information System.

If you have an account, please click to login:   Aspen login

For students:

All students receive Aspen usernames and passwords that allow them to access information.

Any student who has forgotten his/her password should follow the password retrieval information in the Aspen Instructions, below. Any student experiencing login problems should visit the Central Hub in the IMC, or email:

Click to read: Aspen Instructions.

For Parents/Guardians - Setting up an aspen account:

All parents/guardians can set up an Aspen account to access and view information about their sons/daughters.

Click to read: Aspen Instructions for Parents/Guardians - How to Create an Aspen Account.

If you have received an Aspen security code in an email, please use that code and follow the directions in the email to set up your Aspen account.

If you have not received an Aspen security code, then please click on the link to provide your email information.  An Aspen security code will then be emailed to you.

Click to provide your email information to request an Aspen security code.

Please note that when you set up your Aspen account, your email address will be your username.   Because of this, we highly recommend that you use an email account that is permanent and unique to you (e.g. not a work email account and not an email account that you share with another family member). 

When setting up your account, you will also be presented with the option of providing a cell phone number as part of your account.  We strongly encourage you to do so, since this will allow us to collect and use cell phone numbers for emergency communications.
Please be aware that when you submit your parent/guardian account request, it will be reviewed by a systems administrator and then validated.  This process may take up to ten business days.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work to open accounts for all interested parents/guardians.
If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance while setting up your account, please

For Parents/Guardians - Finding Student Information in Aspen: 

Once you set up an Aspen Parent/Guardian account, you can set preferences and view your son's/daughter's transcript, grades, and information on attendance, conduct, etc.

Click to read:  Aspen Instructions for Parents/Guardians - Accessing Information and Navigation in the Aspen Family Portal.

To access and print a student's schedule in Aspen: 

To download and print a student's schedule, login to Aspen.  Select the Family top tab.  Select the student.  Then select the schedule side tab.  The current schedule is available in both List View and Matrix View.  

In List View, a list of your student's current year courses appears as a list in a grid.  To see only courses that your student is taking during Quarter 1, click the filter icon and select Runs during Quarter 1.  To print the list of classes that are showing in the list, select File then Print.  This will bring up the printer window, from which you can elect your print options and print the page.