Back to School Night

Hunterdon Central will hold a Back to School Night on Thursday, September 14, 2017 for students with last names ending in A-L, and on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 for students with last names ending in M-Z.  The evening's program will begin at 6:00 PM, in your child's Block 1, "A" day class.

The Back to School Night schedule will allow you to visit all of your child's teachers for both "A" and "B" day classes.  Please print a copy of your son's/daughter's schedule to follow during the evening.  Instructions on how to download and print your student's schedule from Aspen appear below.  Please note that on Back to School night, parents will follow their child's schedule for "A" day Blocks 1 through 4, then "B" day, Blocks 1 through 4.

If you have a free block, you may visit cafeterias to meet with vice principals, and the IMC to meet with counselors. You are also invited to visit our College and Career Center, Special Services Offices, IMC or Athletic Department.

Parking will be limited.  If you are able to carpool, we would greatly appreciate your help.  We also ask that you follow the direction of HC staff when arriving; they will direct you to available parking.

Because of the size of the campus, we suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and attire, to make your travel easier.

Detailed Back to School Night Information:

To view a Back to School Night Schedule, with locations for counselors and administrators, please click here:

2017 Back to School Night Information Sheet

Special Assistance:

If you need to make special arrangements for assistance or need handicapped access, please contact Jean Lojek at (908) 284-7172.  

To access your student's schedule in Aspen:

To download and print your student's schedule, login to Aspen.  Select the Family top tab.  Select the student.  Then select the schedule side tab.  The current schedule is available in both List View and Matrix View.   You are in List View when you can see the printer icon.

In List View, a list of your student's current year courses appears as a list in a grid.  To print the list of classes that are showing in the list, select File then Print.  This will bring up the printer window, from which you can elect your print options and print the page.