Today's Daily Announcements

  • Habitat for Humanity will have its next meeting on Monday, November 30, block 5. The meeting location has changed to Cafeteria 173, in the 9/10 building. Please contact Mrs. Miller with any questions you may have.

  • There will be a special meeting of the Mythology Club on Monday, block 5, in room 158A to prepare for the Medusa Mythology Exam. Please come, if possible. Please note that we will be meeting in room 158A, not our normal room.

  • Chinese Honor Society will have its next meeting on December 2, in room 152 during block 5. The new inductees will rehearse for the ceremony, and the food sale planning will be updated. All new and existing members are all expected to attend.

  • Revolution for Children will hold it's next meeting on Decemeber 2, during Unit Luch in the IMC. All members please plan to attend to help decide on our next fundraiser.

  • There will be pre-audition meeting for this year's musical, "The Sound of Music," on Monday, November 30,during block 5 in the auditorium. Audition materials will be distributed at this time.

  • The Speech and Debate Team will meet every Monday during block 5, in room 303, beginning on September 14. The team is seeking anyone who enjoys, or wants to learn how, to debate, speak persuasively or perform. Information about the different types of speech and debate events and how to get involved will be available at each meeting.

  • Anyone intersted in joining the photography club, please attend our first meeting on Monday, September 21, block 5 in room 143.


Notices & Warnings

ID Cards

Students must carry their ID Cards while on Campus.

Unattended Bags

All unattended bags will be confiscated and searched.

Vending Machines

The vending machines are available for student use during the lunch periods. The only machine that is off-limits is the soda machine. Please report any malfunctions to a Cafeteria staff person.

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors to the 11/12 Campus and the 9/10 Campus will be locked at 3P.M. To gain entrance to the 11/12 Campus, use the Commons Entrance and the 9/10 Campus, use the entrance by the Dumpster, room 001.

Working Papers

Working papers are processed every day during Unit Lunch in the IMC (Library). Please allow 2-3 days for processing. Working paper applications are available from the house offices, 9/10 receptionist, 11/12 receptionist and the IMC (Library).

Job Opportunities

No jobs have been posted.


Hunterdon Central Regional High School District Board of Education ("HCRHS") provides notification of employment opportunities as a public courtesy for prospective community employers and its students.When reviewing or using these postings, please note that HCRHS does not screen employers or otherwise determine whether a potential employer is reputable, of good moral character, has complied or will comply with applicable New Jersey laws and regulations. As such, the posting of these positions does not werve as prospective employer position by HCRHS. HCRHS shall not be responsible or otherwise liable in any way for the employment of person(s) responding to any loss or claim incurred related to same. Students and other community members participate in this service at their own risk.